Tamihi 11'x11' Cedar Gazebo

Our spa enclosures and gazebo kits are easy to assemble, and can be used many other purposes than just for Hot Tub Enclosures, or as a Gazebo.

They are perfect for any beautiful backyard centre. Built on dedication to producing quality products and providing first rate customer service. We take pride in the personal touch we bring to all of our customers. We stand behind the quality of every product we make.

£ 6,695


£77.90 pcm

10% deposit required

That starts right from the wood we use, Only the finest Canadian western red cedar - kiln dried to stabilize and strengthen the wood - is used in our gazebos. Experience in spa cabinetry has taught us that western red cedar, with its natural resistance to rot and decay, is the ideal material for building enduring structures that will hold their own in even the most extreme weather conditions.


All gazebos are specially crated to protect them in shipping. Our convenient location expedites shipment, whether it be across town, across the country, or across the world. The new design Tamihi is a great investment for your back garden or commercial project. The Tamihi is an attractive cedar gazebo enclosure with the Cedar Shingle Roof, it is a multi purpose 11' x 11' Western Red cedar addition that can be a valuable asset to your home.


It can also greatly contribute to your outdoor family living. The new features also include quality aluminum bi-fold windows with tempered glass. This can create an open air feel and to allow ventilation and viewing your surroundings in your garden. In addition a 3’ x 3’ skylight has been included to enhance the brightness and gives you the ability to gaze at the stars on a clear night. It can be a hot tub enclosure, a place to relax and unwind, a gym, a study, or even storage to name but a few ideas. The Tamihi comfortably houses spas up to 235cm x 235cm x 102cm.

Western Red Cedar Shake Roof


This classic roof style is functional and stylish, providing a warm look to your decor. It also has a high natural resistance to decay.
Cedar Log Trells


The natural aromatic oils in Western Red Cedar make for the ultimate outdoor location. This wood has a high resistance to decay.
Skylight Dome


Let natural light in without the harmful UV rays. This Skylight is made of an impactresistant polymer, with a light bronze tint.
Made in Canada


Manufactured in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Wood materials sourced from Canada guarantees a finished structure as beautiful and strong.
Sliding Privacy Door


Includes tempered safety glass, aluminium rail and stile components premium door handles and a deadbolt lock.
Smoked Windows


Tempered safety glass. Roller wheels let you easily open and close the window, and a pin lock.