About Valkea Cabins


With the Valkea Garden Buildings product range you can make your outdoor dreams come true.

Our specially chosen designs for buildings, gazebos, hot tub enclosures, saunas, bbq huts and wood fired hot tubs are sure to provide the perfect solution to your garden building or outdoor leisure needs.

Quality is assured with our 5 year guarantee.

5 Years Warranty

We are sure about what we do and therefore we give 5 years guarantee to all our products. Our products are well known for their quality. We also process and package our products using the latest technology and machinery.

Nordic Spruce

Valkea Nordic Spruce

All Valkea Garden Building products are made of Nordic spruce. Due to the long and cold winters the trees are growing slowly, which makes the timber especially thick and durable. And the aroma - there is nothing to compare to the wonderful aroma of fresh timber.


Valkea Cedar

All Valkea Gazbo, Saunas and Wooden Hot Tubs are made from Canadian Cedar this highly revered, durable wood is smells beautiful, is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, which means all of our cedar products will last longer and require less maintenance.

Social Responsibility

Although wood is a sustainable and regenerative natural resource, forestry requires careful and responsible management. An uncaring and irresponsible attitude towards forestry management will inevitably harm our environment significantly.

We all have heard stories about the loss of some rain-forests, but this concern applies equally to our Nordic and Cedar forests as well.

Valkea is FSC certified ensuring that we use wood from responsibly managed forests.

We’d be delighted to begin your Valkea experience today.